Experiencing God

Who is God for you? Do you really believe that He exists? What are your proofs in believing when you haven’t seen Him anyways?

These kinds of question often pop out into the mind of everyone. We can’t see Him and we can’t truly grasp the facts about Him but we still choose to believe in Him. This is because of the inner voice within us—our conscience. And in my case, even without any proof, I will always choose to believe in God because I have an extreme faith in Him.

Ever since I was born, I was raised up in a family that believes in God, reads the bible daily, goes to Church regularly and all that. But these facts are not the only reason why I believe in Him. I believe in Him because of my own free will, my belief is not just some sort of “blind believing”. I am a youth server at our Church and for me, every single day is a personal experience with God. For me, God is present everywhere and in every time. He is our Father that is why we can encounter Him anytime we want and we need Him, just like how we can talk freely to our dads. Just like that, God is just there waiting for us and always willing to accept us.

I remembered attending “Ignite”, a 3-day convergence about God just this summer where in more than 9600 young men and women are all fired up for God. Three days of full blast encounter with God happened, worshipping Him and praising Him, hearing His words and singing all out for Him. I swear that this convergence deepened my already deep faith and that I have encountered God in an unexplainable sense and on a different level. I wish and hope that everyone here in our campus would, just like me, choose to open their hearts to God and accept Him as Lord and Saviour. For me, accepting God will be the key in having a deep and personal relationship with Him and a personal experience of His great love and goodness.

Having to experience God and feel Him truly is such a wonderful feeling. Experiencing God, focusing on Him alone and loving Him fully would actually complete us and would draw us away from pain. Our existence today, the wonderful and organized arrangement of our body, and the fact that we woke up after our deep slumber is already one of the million of reasons and proof that God truly exist. Our continuous blessings, being able to breathe, having food to eat every single day are proofs that shows how loving and merciful our God is.

It is amazing how even at times that we forget about Him and when we sin continuously, He is still there, very willing to accept us anytime. He is just there waiting for us and it is our call if we will go and experience Him fully and whole-heartedly.


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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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