No goodbyes, just new beginnings.

I can still widely recall the first time that I stepped into the portals of this school. It was De La Salle- Canlubang back then. I remember my first day as a Grade 7 student where in I actually got lost looking for my classroom. I can still remember practicing with my batchmates for that dance choir thingo with Sir Engel, Sir Rupert, Ms. Melody, Sir Mark, Sir Tri and all the other Grade 7 teachers. It seems like yesterday when all these happened.

Five years has passed and I still can’t grasp the fact that in the upcoming school year, I wouldn’t be seeing the same old familiar faces that I used to see everyday. Just the thought of it makes me cry. I would like to thank every single person I’ve been with in this five-year journey. To my teachers, classmates, batchmates and friends– thank you so much and I love you all. My life would never be the same without all of you.

I can say that I have been so attached to my Grade 11 family, though. The NARTIAAAANNS! When I heard that sections have been reshuffled, I have become so terrified. I can’t imagine adjusting again, trying to adopt again after sharing 2 joyous years with my Grade 9-10 classmates. I never imagined that with all these group of strangers, I will find a family. A family that will care for you and will make you laugh in all your down times. A family filled with love and understanding for one another. I thank God for bringing such wonderful people in my life.

I will miss all the crazy stories, the laughs as well as the tears. I will miss the voice of Ms. Nartia, reminding us to be good everyday and not to mess up with anything. Her rants, as well as her jokes. Her award-winning speech everytime and also her ‘pang-ookray’. I know you love us, Ms. And we love you so much. It may have been some sort of tough love, but it’s highly appreciated. Also to our daddy, Sir Moi– I will miss those “What do you think?” moments and your sweet letters. It’s touching because I honestly never thought that in spite of your super masungit arrive, you have such sweet heart. I will miss all the classes, all the teachers that took a part into transforming me into who I am today. Doc Cai, Ms. Trish, Ms. Beth, Ms. Coel, Ms. Loi, Sir Sid and Sir Tim, I will miss you all so much. I will miss the best guidance counselors ever– Ms. Liz and Ms. Cel. Thanks for keeping up with my rants and stories. Thanks for being there for me at all times in spite of my extreme kadaldalan. I love you both.

I will also miss, of course, performing with the DLSU-IS Pep squad, handled by the one and only Sir Rupert. I will miss all the crazy and fun-filled practices. I will miss the stories we have created while assembling the mats, right Zam, Aileen, Diana, Goldie, Abbie and Berna? I will miss performing on stage with all the other Pep Squad members. I will miss my friends in the lower batch. All their stories and hugs. I will miss you, Christine, Liane, Ysa, Ella, Gianne, Rubis, Eunice, Kate and all the others. This space wouldn’t be enough to mention all of you. I love you all and I will always remember each and everyone of you. I still always be here for all of you.

I will miss my girls; Ixia, Abbie and Nikki. My life would be so dull and would never be the same without the three of you filling in colors and happiness to my world. The crazy stories and memories we’ve shared, the way we look at each other and know already what is happening, the way that when one is down, the others will always and always be there to support, the harsh comments and advices we give each other everytime, the straight to the point reminders and suggestions. I can’t imagine entering into a campus and not being with the three of you. I will miss you all so much.

I will miss our campus. I will miss the 5 minutes of silence every morning. I will miss Sir Doi checking the ID every now and then and Ms. Sonia, measuring the lengths of our skirts during Corporate Thursdays. I will miss every single thing about Lasalle. But just as how the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Thank you for making my 5-year stay worth while. Thank you for the laughters and the tears we all have shared. I am pretty sure that Lasalle, along with the best educators (pardon me for not being able to mention everyone as much as I want to because I swear all of you are the best!!), have prepared us well enough to the bigger world waiting for all of us. Till next time! Animo Lasalle!!


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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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