Rumors Rumors and More Rumors

“Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.”

This quote has been around the internet for so long and I honestly couldn’t agree more.

It sucks how all these rumors spread like wildfire in the midst of a forest. You’ll never know how it ever started and you don’t know how it’ll stop, but one thing is for sure: even if it stops, the damage has been done. The damage is there and will always be there.

In my almost 18 years of existence, I have learned much about the society and how things go. (Though, I must admit that I have a lot yet to understand and to know.) But one thing I learned is that, you can never please everyone even though how hard you try. People will always and always find something to correct and people will always look for flaws. There will always be these group of people who will do everything just to bring you down. People who’ll always find pleasure in spreading stories about you that will destroy you.

I have experienced much, and I know more are yet to come. Even if how hard we try and even if how nice we really are, there will never be an exemption. You will be a victim. You will experience people creating stories about you that you actually know nothing about. Just like what happened to me. One day, I just woke up with rumors bombarding me. I could never deny the fact that at first, all the issues and rumors affected me and pained me so much. I cried and cried, not because the rumors are true but because it’s ruining my reputation. But then after a long run, I guess I just became numb. I realized that I shouldn’t even bother, I shouldn’t waste my time and my tears to all these pointless claims and accusations that I know is far away from what is real.

Since I know that whatever happens, people will always try to bring me down, that is why I learned the talent of actually not caring at all. I don’t see the point of trying to please the people around me. They judge me? Okay. They don’t like me? Then so be it. They hate me even if I’m not doing anything wrong with them? Go ahead. They’ll keep looking for my flaws and they’ll keep on despising me? Then I’ll let them stress themselves trying to look for reasons to hate me. Coz honestly, I don’t really care. I don’t mind anymore. As long as I know that I stand on what is true and what is right, I know I shouldn’t bother. Now, every time I hear pointless, irrelevant and out of the world issues about me, I just tend to laugh at it. I don’t care what other people think. I don’t care what they will believe in. Only I can define myself because only me and my God know what the truth is.

I strongly believe that all the water in the world can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside. This proverb is also a powerful metaphor for human behavior. In other words, you are the ship. Do not let the water in. The multiple struggles and hardships might cause you some inconvenience, but they will not hurt in the long run unless you allow the negativity to get to your head. All of the stress in your life cannot sink you unless you keep it bottled in.

Keep your heads up, because light is at the end of the tunnel. Don’t let other people define who you are. Don’t let the world change your smile.


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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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