Unsent Letter:

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I miss you. So much. It’s very difficult to admit that in our process of growing up and molding our futures, we lost each other. They used to say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in our case, absence made your heart go and find another. And this saddens me so much.

You used to be the person who knew everything about me- my problems, my accomplishments, my darkest secrets down to the deepest desires of my heart. And now, you are a seemingly total stranger I just get to see and like the photos and posts online. It actually hurts so bad to see you post pictures with your new friends. To see you so happy without me like I was nothing.

Every time I get to recall how we used to be before, how close we were and how I treated you so much like my sister, I just can’t contain my tears. (I am actually in tears as I type this. Oh, you know how much of a crybaby I actually am.) I always get to remember how we talk about everything, all those late night video calls, all those chitchats before our classes begin and everything that comes in between. The midnights where in you couldn’t sleep and you’d just call me. And all those crazy moments we’ve spent with each other. Dancing together, laughing out loud, and having no care at all about anyone. I miss you so much and all I ever want to do is to hug you so tight.

Let me tell you this, even if it seems like we are already apart now, I want you to know that I will still be here for you. If something is really wrong and you had no one to turn to, you know that I am still the same old me, willing to do anything for you. You can come to me no matter how bad the circumstances are.

We made each other laugh until we cry on the floor, we stalked each other’s crushes, we borrowed each other’s clothes. We had so much fun together and it’s strange to look back and see how such great friendship ended so badly.

I also want to thank you. For defending me when I couldn’t defend myself because I am such a weakling. For believing in me when I don’t even believe in myself. For being such a great friend to me. And also, for reminding me that nothing in this world is ever constant- not even your friends.

I love you, I miss you, and I am here, patiently waiting for you.


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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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