The Sunday Currently | 02

The past week went all right. I surprisingly passed my Economics examination (the test I thought I’d flunk so bad because I haven’t even read a single thing about it before the test since I also had an examination on one of my major subjects that day.) I also had the chance to bond with my churchmates and friends last Friday! We played different boardgames and other interactive games. I also had the chance to have a mini photoshoot last Friday (a separate post will be dedicated for this, along with my other mini photoshoots, but the featured photo for this TSC volume is a part of it.)

For this coming week, a lot of examinations (6) are in store for me. I would love to rant about how stressful this coming week would be but I would like to stay positive about this and look at it this way: each examination, each hardship and each trial is an opportunity to honor Him more through our actions! Thus, during these moments, we should strive harder and do our best in everything!

Enough for my whatnots, here’s my The Sunday Currently Pt. 2:



my HNF 21 hand-outs and other readings. (Weh Cathy, reading ba talaga or staring??? Hahaha!) Well, to be honest, I’ve been staring at my hand-outs for hours yesterday and I swear I couldn’t seem to process anything. I so wanna cry!! Add that up to the fact that I fell asleep by 6pm last night and I woke up 7am today. 13 hours of sleep, it’s so crazy!!


or should I say rewriting my notes as a part of my preparation for my upcoming exams. This is because I am too lazy to study, thus I’d rather rewrite my notes (since I enjoy writing a lot) because rewriting it makes me somewhat remember it.


to Spotify’s Pinoy Indie Mix playlist. I love appreciating the talents of my fellow Filipino, because trust me guys, Filipinos are indeed very talented people! Most, if not all, of the Filipino indie artists are underrated and it makes me sad.


of how the heck did I sleep for 13 hours straight. Hahaha! Besides from that, I have a lot of thoughts running in my mind right now. I’m thinking of my examinations for this week. I’m thinking of the internship. I’m thinking of creating a new dance cover because I miss dancing. I’m thinking of how to start my homeworks. But above all, I’m thinking of sleeping everything off instead.


the Glade Scented Gel: Morning Fresh we have in every room of our house.


for strength to surpass everything with a smile! And to finish everything on time.


that I may pass all my examinations this week and that I may accomplish all tasks that needs to be done.


my black leggings and a yellow sleeveless with “hugs and kisses” written on it which I had back when I was in 7th Grade.


how organized all my stuff is at the moment. Last Friday, I fixed all my papers and files and I bought different colored folders to keep all my papers in place. One folder per subject so that it would be easier to find. My pens are now extra organized and labelled, too! (my OCD tendencies kicking in haha!)


to be able to jog and exercise at least twice a week because everyone has been calling me fat lately!!


a new phone, still. Haha! I don’t know how I survived the past week without a proper phone to use and contact people. I swear it is such a hassle.


thankful for the continuous blessings I have been receiving. I am also thankful for the challenges and pain for this shows that I am still alive. Breathing. Fighting. And continuously surviving. I hope and pray that people will look at challenges the same way.

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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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