The Sunday Currently | 03

I am completely exhausted. Last week has been extremely tiring and I’m so glad that I made it out alive. It may be tiring but I also had a lot of fun last week. I met a lot of new friends, heard a lot of stories and managed to bond with my co-interns. Also, we had the Global Village brought to UPLB by AIESEC last week and it was extremely fun! A separate post will be dedicated for this. It’s something that I swear you should wait for! For now, you can watch this recap video:

I couldn’t believe that I survived last week without breaking down. I swear. There’s so much hanash!! More to come this week!! Sobrang busy jusko. Nagweekend ba? I didn’t even feel my weekend. Oh well, here’s my TSC Vol. 3 💕



my Food Preservation hand-outs for my long exam tomorrow!


the questions of HNF 12’s problem set. Will try to accomplish it later.


to the Mood Booster playlist on Spotify. Trying to lighten up my mood and stay awake. It’s 12 noon yet I can feel my eyes shutting off.


of all the things that I still have to finish. Planning my schedule carefully so that I could accomplish everything on time.


the scent of the sampaguita I bought from the street children a while ago outside the church.


for an extra gallon of positivity and around 10 barrel of strength!!!!


for a greater week ahead. ‘Wag sana ako makatulog sa mga klase at exams ko, please. Hahaha.


a plain yellow v-neck shirt and denim shorts.


our video recap of the Global Village! And the designs we have submitted. Also loving the fact that we have done everything that we ought to do last week. Kahit stressed, kinaya naman. At hindi lang basta kinaya. With flying colors pa! ❤️


to write more and read more. When I say read more I’m referring to novels and other books besides from our Nutri books, required readings and hand-outs.


sleep. A good sleep that would recharge me since I’ve been sleeping for only 2-4 hours lately due to my extremely busy schedule. I am so sleepy that actually typing this half asleep!!


excited because this will be the last week of September. I feel giddy for what October has to offer.

I hope I’d be able to post more for you guys! Thank you for your constant messages. I’m sorry if I took so long to reply on your e-mail though. I truly appreciate everything, I promise. Babawi ako kapag madami na ulit time! ❤️


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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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