The Sunday Currently | 07

It’s been so long since I last wrote my supposedly weekly The Sunday Currently Entry. Things have been quite busy the past few days. (Well, lagi naman pala hahaha) I’m going back to LB in a while and a new semester is about to begin. I am scared, I am honestly not yet physically, emotionally and mentally ready to go back to school. *sigh* Enough of my whatnots though, here is my TSC 07.



random articles and blogs online. Aside from writing, I love reading blogs a lot. I love getting to know people who can actually be miles and miles away from me in reality. I love reading stories and knowing the experiences of others.


this TSC Vol. 07


to James Arthur’s Say You Won’t Let Go. (I am in love with this song, I swear!!)


of how I’d be able to get the last two subjects that I need for the upcoming semester. It’s sad how we always have to beg and plead for slots which we actually deserve and which we actually pay for in the very beginning


the extremely delicious scent of carbonara that my mom is cooking dowstairs


for a fruitful 2nd semester. ❤️


for the continuous success of The Positivity Project (please do check this out. I’ll be having a separate post regarding this project)


a Hello Kitty pajama!!


the fact that I was able to bond with my cousins yesterday!


an instax camera for so long!! I want to collect more and more memories (in the form of photographs) as much as possible.


to prepare my things in a while for I will be going back to LB. I’m kind of excited for the new semester even though I know it would again be very busy and stressful.


nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. Hoping for the best! Not just for me of course, but for all my friends as we welcome this new deadly chapter of our lives.

That’s it for today! I really do hope I’d get to write more. Till my next The Sunday Currently entry! ❤️



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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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