The Sunday Currently | 10

First, I would like to greet everyone a very happy easter!! Woot woot!!

Second, I would like to show my dismay to myself for the long weekend is over and I haven’t accomplished anything academic related. I am such a sore loser, I hate myself. I really need to get my shit together because I am so doomed!! Anyway, here’s my TSC entry for today.



exercise 6: medical nutrition therapy for fevers, burns and infections. I have to start doing my exercise tonight!!


the introduction for the said exercise. Clutch gaming again, Catherine.


to Coldplay’s album on Spotify. Currently playing is Fix you. 


of all my ~ganaps~ this week. I never knew I have 2 exams and 5 written outputs to submit until earlier when a batchmate tweeted about it.


my newly changed bedsheets! Oh such comfort (I honestly think this is the only good thing that happened today. Char. 1/2 joking.)


that I won’t procrastinate more. My period made me just sleep all throughout the holiday.


to finish all the things that I have to finish!! Also hoping to keep my mind on track and back to my schedule.


a nude-colored sleeveless.


my new blog header!!


to be able to go boxing again. It’s almost a month since I stopped because I had no time. (But I guess having no time is such a lame excuse since we all have to make time for the things we truly want)


to finish even at least one paper tonight before I sleep! and lastly,


nervous. Since I applied for this position even though I know I have the slightest chance to actually make it. Well, I’m just hoping for the best. Been wanting the position for quite some time now and I think there would be no harm if I give it a shot.

So yayy! That’s basically my The Sunday Currently entry for today! I hope I’d be able to reply to all your mails soon. Thanks for always waiting for this blog’s update. Much love!! ❤️



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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently | 10

  1. I first took notice of your header. I love the previous design but anyway, I’m just curious, why did you change it? 🙂


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