The Sunday Currently | 12

After another 3 months, I am now writing another The Sunday Currently update! Things have been very busy and my responsibilities have been drowning me. This long weekend, I promise I will try my best to keep up with this blog and write as much as I can. Thank you for continuously sending me your e-mails and sweet messages, trust me when I say that I find time to read all those! Thank you for never forgetting about me, even though I sometimes feel like the people in my life already did.

Okay, enough with the drama and all those chitchat. Let’s get down to the real TSC Update!



your e-mails and sweet messages! I couldn’t thank all of you enough!!


poetries. Will be posting them here soon!


to the sound of our television because mom’s watching this movie at Cinema 1.


of how busy the past few weeks were and how I was able to at least survive all these.


the scent of mom’s caldereta! Yummy!


for motivation as I battle yet again the busy college life of a hard-science student who is unfortunately, not that in love with science.


Hoping that my sanity would stay intact until I graduate.


an oversized white shirt and a black cycling shorts.


the fact that there are only 3 days left before my birthday!! Tatanda na naman ako, hay!


that Fujifilm X-A3 mirrorless camera but I am too broke and I am too shy to ask my parents for one. Specially now that I still have to fix my iPhone’s screen because it was severely damaged due to the accident I had last week (I got hit and run by a motorcycle).


a whole day pamper day!! To relieve my stress from the past week’s load.


the urge to just create artworks and graphic designs all day, everyday. I can’t explain the joy that I am feeling every time I edit or do work related to that.

So, that’s it for my TSC update today! Watch out for hopefully more posts this week. Till next time!



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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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