Ready for you, 2018

Almost a week before 2017 ends and I found myself here in my bed, grabbing my laptop as I am covered with my sheets, battling with myself if I would write about my most challenging year so far. But here I am, doing it anyways.


One word that could define my 2017.

It was extreme- bound with blessings as well as challenges.

I experienced challenges I never knew I could surpass. Surely, 2017 made me stronger, just when I thought I already am. It pushed me to the limits of my capabilities which made me strive harder and harder. I also encountered and grabbed opportunities that came along my way which taught me life lessons that I will never be able to learn inside the portals of the classroom.


So here’s a quick rundown of some of the highlights of my 2017, both highs and lows, but without the dates because I suck at remembering dates. But hey! I may not be able to remember the specific date but what matters is that I will never forget the memory I’ve gained.

  • Boxing became part of my daily routine for 6 months. Stopped because I couldn’t find time for it and I got so drained with everything that is on my plate but now I miss it so much. Will try to get back to boxing this 2018.


  • Becoming one of the organizers/ staffers under creatives for Éclat, AIESEC in UPLB’s recognition ball.
  • Joining DLS which gave me the sisters I never had.
  • First time ever to drop subjects because I got hospitalized. Which then blew off my #Sablay2018 goal. But no regrets. This taught me to spare some time for myself, too.
  • Mini Tagaytay adventure with G. We visited different gardens, museums, and restaurants. It was so much fun I hope we could have more time (and money) for these kind of spontaneous adventures.
  • Being elected as the Publications Committee Head for DLS has been really a highlight for me because it gave me work to do. Don’t take that negatively because I love it. It gave me the work that I love and that I could do all my life.
  • Attending Tribo 2017, a Strategic Conference of AIESEC. I learned a lot of things and met a lot of people from different entities. Surely had a lot of fun!!
  • Luceat Lux Vestra, the first ever huge scale (and real deal event as compared to the HNF 111 function which is only for a class requirement) that I have managed and organized. It was so heart warming that after pouring my heart out for this event, from the invitations, to the venue set-up— the flowers, the color scheme, the center piece, the placement of the different elements such as the table, the backdrop, standees, carpets, everything, down to the powerpoint presentation and video presentation that will be played during the event and everything in between, it ended up a success. Hearing kind words and compliments from the alumni and the other guests make my heart leap with joy.
  • Lay-outing a whole newsletter for SR-DLS called Ang Tinig.
  • Went all the way to UST, on a school day, to watch my best friend’s play. It was more or less a five-hour commute but it was totally worth it. This 2017, I learned to value relationships because real friends are hard to find and harder to keep.
  • Exposure as a food service provider at Tachibana, an authentic Japanese restaurant here in Sta. Rosa, for one of our majors.
  • Never in my life I have imagined that I will ever get hit while crossing the street, but it happened. I got hit by a motorcycle just few steps after I leave my dormitory to go to a practice for a major class activity. Amazing. Such chances.
  • Few weeks after this, I fell off the stairs of my dormitory and sprained my left ankle. Then, several days later, I sprained my right ankle while merely walking. I guess luck was pretty much not on my side during these days.
  • Experiencing sexual harassment and threats via text messages and chat. Standing up for my right, has been victim-blamed and was told that I should have taken it as a compliment instead. But didn’t gave up until justice was served.
  • First time ever to participate in a street painting event!!
  • The Christmas party at Bahay Tuluyanwhich I blogged just recently. You can read more about that here.
  • Being one of the Organizing Committee Vice President for Creatives for the upcoming National Conference in AIESEC that will happen this January!! I am so excited!!
  • Organizing an event with passion driven and artistic people for our love for spoken word poetry that will happen this February. It is called Marahuyo, you can check out our page here.
  • All the fun-filled and crazy photoshoots I have done. Special shout-out for G, for being the best photographer ever. You can see some of the shoots on my portfolio here. Also, check out his Behance here for his work.
  • Became brand ambassadors of different brands such as Poppy Apparel, Zaful, and Lazada.
  • Survive one heck of a semester!!!
  • Dad arrived few days before Christmas!!

I have a lot of key takeaways this year. A lot of things happened, which means a lot of lessons learned.

One lesson that I learned this 2017 which I apparently learned the hard way is that it is essential for you to rest for you to be able to continuously progress. It is okay to breathe once in a while and take a break. Your health is way more important than anything else.

Things could be totally draining and if you pressure yourself too much, you will end up breaking down, both mentally and physically, more often than usual. It is essential for you to have a breather and to do the things that you love. This explains why in spite of my busy schedule, I still try to squeeze in blogging, modeling, and painting into my spare time, whenever I find some. Also, I learned that taking care of your mental health is equally as important as taking care of your physical health! Which means that if you really can’t handle everything, learn to let go of some and prioritize your health.

I learned that it is okay not to be okay. You don’t have to be strong all the time. You can drop the mask and stop pretending that you are happy and find people who will understand you and accept you whatever state you might be in.

It is already 3 A.M. as I type this. A lot of memories are rushing through. And my thoughts are messier than ever. I want to say a lot of things, I want to share a lot of scenarios, but I couldn’t find the words to discuss them. I can feel different course of emotions flowing through my vein.



Different events which molded me into who I am right this very moment. I may have cried a lot this year, but I am, for sure, braver. And just like what the old Cath may say, I cried, I laughed, I fought. But for every heartbreak, there’s always a blessing. After all the tears, I’ve come back.

This year, I learned that you will lose people and people will lose you and it is fine. I invested so much and cried so many times for the wrong people. Those friends who I thought would be with me all throughout, those who I thought will always have my back, ended up leaving me, without even a word to disclose the reason why. The people who I trusted so much. This has been so heartbreaking for me. But still, thank you. Thank you for all the memories- it was great while it lasted. Thank you for proving that even if how much we give, how much we love, we can never expect people to treat us the same. As we age, I think we really get to know who the real ones are.

But gladly, there is always a balance in the equilibrium of life. Given that I lost a lot of people, this means that I also gained a lot of new people. I met a lot of people who I never knew would create such huge impact in my life. People who seemed to be so ordinary, who eventually proved themselves to be extraordinary and made my tough year a little bit more bearable. People who gave me strength throughout my most difficult and challenging times. People who I never knew I would actually get along because of our tons of differences but ended up the people who I would talk to almost every single day.

Thank you, my SR-DLS family and the others, you guys know who you are. No words could express how thankful I am that you came into my life. You have constantly been the breather that I needed every single time. I will forever treasure all the memories we have spent and will continue to spend all together. I hope that you guys turn out to be part of my constants.

Speaking of constants, of course, I also have a bunch of constants who are always there for me, my parents, G, Marga, and the rest, you know yourselves. Here’s to you, who stayed with me all throughout, as new ones come and as some disappear, thank you. Know that I am always here for all of you, and that I am proud of all your achievements. Some of us may talk just once in a while, but I am beyond thankful for all of you. I hope for everyone’s happiness because you guys deserve nothing less! Let us continue making more and more memories that we will forever treasure and remember.

And to you, whoever is reading this, thank you for being a part of my 2017.

Without you, without that second, minute, hour, or day that I have had a connection with you, I may not be who I am right this very moment. Thank you, for merely existing. Know that you are appreciated.

2017 has been one heck of a goddamn ride. But I am ready for more. 

2018, let’s bring it on. 

With all the love and anticipation,



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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

8 thoughts on “Ready for you, 2018

  1. Congratulations for surviving 2017 still with a smile, Cath. I always look up to you because you are such a strong girl with such a nice heart. Know that you are appreciated as well.

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  2. Very well written. You’ve always been an inspiration to me, girl. Job well done for surviving 2017 though it may have been tough for you. Goodluck this 2018. Wishing you blessings because you deserve it!

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