Midnight Shenanigans

You may be wondering what is this all about? Well, I don’t know either. I couldn’t even think of a decent blog post title for this.

It’s 3:30 AM and I couldn’t sleep. Nothing unusual because it’s been days, or weeks rather since I couldn’t sleep early. Although, earlier today, I thought I could finally sleep on time since today has been pretty much a long day. As soon as we arrived home at around 9 PM, I instantly felt sleepy so I decided to take a quick shower and fall into a deep slumber. But I was wrong. I slept at around 9 PM and woke up at around 11 PM and now, I am nowhere near sleepy and I’m dying just lying down on my bed and not do anything, but I also am not in the mood to edit publicity materials just yet. So I decided to grab my laptop instead, sit on my working sofa and just type whatever, maybe share how my day went or something.

As what I have mentioned earlier, today has been a long day.

  • Had an early fight with mom. Was totally drained after because I cried a lot. God knows how much I hate it when I get into a fight with my mom because I love her so much.
  • Went to Robinson’s Sta. Rosa to process my PhilHealth application. Ended up knowing that they have a different process now so I ate squid balls and pan de sal instead while waiting for mom as she strolls around and buy some random stuff at Daiso (mostly tissue and kitchen towel).
  • Went straight to SM Sta. Rosa to have my phone’s screen fixed. Finally, at long last, I can now read and view clearly through my screen. I mentioned on an earlier post how broken my screen was due to the accident I had last November. We waited for almost 3 hours until the screen was replaced and it was good as new! While my mom’s best friend and I were waiting for my phone (as we are exchanging tons of random storied), mom and dad already got all the stuff that they need. They are currently focused on their #roadtofitness so they bought barbells and a yoga mat. I think I need to workout, too. I don’t like to walk looking like a potato beside my parents.
  • After which, at around 4 PM, we ate our late lunch at Max’s. I ate so much, which is actually not new because everyone around me knows how much of a heavy eater I am. I finished the whole crab meat fried rice which is actually good for 3 people according to their menu. We also had my favorite sizzling tofu, Max’s friend chicken, pinakbet, sinigang na salmon belly and fresh lumpia.
  • After eating we endured the heavy traffic and went straight to Vista Mall to get basic supplies and groceries.
  • Went straight to Nuvali afterwards to go to Healthy Options because dad said he wanted to buy something. But unfortunately we couldn’t find a parking space for us so we went to Shopwise instead.
  • Then, another round of enduring the heavy traffic until we finally reach home.

That basically sums up my day. I actually don’t know why I chose to type that in bullet form when I obviously stated it in paragraphs. But oh, whatever. I slept for a short while, woke up crying (idk I feel like shit most of the time lately) and now I couldn’t sleep and I am craving for BonChon’s Spicy Mandu and Strawberry Bingsu. Ugh, I hate my appetite and my late night cravings.

Aside from the fact that I am currently suffering from my late night cravings, I’ve been planning the tasks that I have to accomplish by tomorrow, or later rather, too. Here’s a quick run through:

  • Finish the Uber Code publicity material for Alon
  • Declutter my closet and segregate the clothes that I am still wearing, clothes to sell, and clothes I could give to my cousins at the province. I have to let go some of my clothes to make room for new once since new year is coming way too soon.
  • Fix the storage area inside my room.
  • Start working on my bullet journal!

My hands have been itching to paint, or create art in general, for the longest time already, but too bad I left all my art materials in Los Baños. I swear this 2018 I will make more time in creating artworks and writing so that I’d have an outlet for my “feelings”. I already have a lot in mind and I can’t wait to execute them.

Anyway, it’s 4:20 AM on my clock now and I guess I have been talking too much already. If anyone is still up by this time and would be nice enough to give me something to do, kindly comment down your favorite blogs because I love blog-hopping and reading random stuff about other people!

Till next time,



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Catherine is a 20-something BS Nutrition student of the University of the Philippines, but her heart screams for the art. She is a freelance creative and model, an artist and a writer, and an advocate of human rights and the environment.

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