The Nostalgic Eccedentesiast

According to the dictionary:

katharina (latin)

catherine [n.,]

 : pure, clear, innocent

: have a deep inner desire for love and companionship

: want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony

I dare you to figure me out. 

I’m Catherine Garcia. Cathy as what my friends and the people around me often call me. I am a girl who blabs a lot. I speak continuously and endlessly and I guess I just need someone who will listen willingly to all my endless rants and stories. I am complicated. I am an eccedentesiast- a great pretender. I fake smiles a lot. You often see me as a bubbly girl but no, you don’t know what I am going through. I have a wild imagination and I am a dreamer. Well, I can say that I am tenacious, I like getting what I want and I work in order to get what I want.

A warrior of Christ– defender of His word

I am clothed with dignity and strength and laughs without fear of the future. I do believe that I am a princess because my father is a King and He is Almighty and because of that, I believe that I have a world to change. One little step at a time, with faith, we can all have the world that we aspire.

Half-blooded Archer and Iskolar ng Bayan

I am an alumna of the De La Salle University- Integrated School, formerly known as De La Salle- Canlubang, and now a sophomore at the University of the Philippines. A simple girl aspiring  to be a doctor. Taking up BS Nutrition as my pre-med course and hoping to serve our fellow Filipino one day.

When I first entered college, It may be sad to admit but I honestly lacked care of what is happening to my surroundings. As long as I’m fine, as long as I’m doing great with the things that I ought to do, I’m good. I do not participate in the discussion of our country’s issues and the like. But then I entered the University of the Philippines and this served as an eye opener of how little I know. How naive I used to be. It ignited the makabayan in me and made me become interested in reading news articles and indulge myself in healthy discussion regarding our country. I became more aware and now, I can say that I am an active Filipino youth- a true Iskolar ng Bayan, Para sa Bayan.

A little girl with overflowing hope and love.

A seven year old girl trapped in the body of a nineteen year old lady. A lost girl who is continuously finding her place in this crazy world. I am living for nineteen years in this overly dramatic world. In this world full of grief and lies. I am living in this black and white world and I am in a journey of finding some colors. Nineteen years of big dreams and twigged streams. Nineteen years of walking under the sun and it hasn’t even begun. Sometimes, the light’s too bright, sometimes, the grip’s too tight, but everything will be alright, nobody will make it out.

Twitter: @cthgrcia

Tumblr: @cathgarciaaa


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